vaginal birth after caesarean and women's mental health

Mothering Us Mothers

The Podcast with Sherry and Natalie

We’ve created this podcast to be a safe space for YOU. If you are a mother that struggles – we are here to embrace you and to show you that your feelings matter. From everyday parenting struggles like sleep deprivation or finding time for yourself, to dealing with postnatal depression and birth trauma, we are here for you and we understand. 

We will listen to you and offer you the compassion and sympathy society is oftentimes lacking.

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In this safe space we discuss anything you need us to.

If you have something in particular you’d like us to discuss, send us an email at or a direct message on instagram @thesunshinedoula_ or @vbac_queen

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Tune in every month to listen to a new episode of Mothering Us Mothers.
We are Natalie and Sherry and we are here to be the women that will honor your feelings.