vaginal birth after caesarean and women's mental health

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Sherry N. | writer | podcaster

I am Sherry N., author of the book VBAC Queen, mother to 3 beautiful daughters and 4 demanding cats. I love reading books – no, wait. That’s an understatement. I basically inhale books! So, books. Umm, I write them, too.

VBAC Queen releases April 2021.

Crazy, right? Actually, no. I write about my experiences with birth trauma, c-section guilt, mental health and vbacs (vaginal birth after cesarean).

Empowering women and anything related to birth – is my thing. I have a few books related to the topic in the pipeline, too!

So what type of mom am I? If you’re here you’re probably a mom-to-be so maybe you’d like to know, to see wether we can be friends! 😀

I’m the „I yell too much“-type, to be honest. But also the „come sleep on top of me all night if that’s what your tiny sweet little hearts wish“-type of mom and also the „I love you so much I just wanna eat you up!“-kind.

Umm, I let my kids watch too much Netflix, but I also buy and read them a ton of books, so I guess my karma should be fine. I love cooking and experimenting with food. I make the best winter salads! But I also adore pizza. I can’t quit chocolate and I love drinking herbal teas.

That’s about me. What about me? Would love to meet you on Instagram! Head over, if you like. You can find me here.