Hey Mama,

I am so happy to finally show you the beautiful cover of my book that finally releases on 15th April 2021. Wow, that has been a journey. Starting 6 years ago, when I gave birth for the first time and I was completely unprepared. When I think back I wish I would have prepared by reading birth stories. All kinds of birth stories. Happy births, traumatic births, dangerous births, easy births. I believe that only when we understand the full spectrum of what birth can look like can we prepare mentally by simply acknowledging that every birth is different, every birth is valid and every birth is beautiful and amazing in its own way.

Unfortunately I didn’t know that back then. I was so naive. But let’s not spoil the whole thing for you. If you’re curious about my birth stories, how I’ve went from „naive first time pregnant“ to „passionate birth advocate“ and mother of three beautiful daughters, you can purchase my book now!

Writing down your own story is so freaking amazing.

Honestly, I still can’t believe all the positive feedback I’ve received by mothers that were able to receive a copy of my book before the official release date.

Here’s what @lockdownmummydiaries said about the book:

„Have you ever read a book that feels like the author is speaking directly to you? With each chapter I feel more and more connected to the story. Highly recommend reading this if you have had a c-section or want to try for vbac or if you work with vbac mums, or any mums at all.“


That’s exactly the reason why I’ve written that book!

Have fun while reading! Do tag me on Instagram or send me an email. Don’t forget to leave me a review on amazon.co.uk or amazon.com 🙂