Hello there dear reader,

I am happy you have stumbled on my website because I have a lot to tell you!


So much I have written a whole book about it. Not for the profit – but to help you and other women who need to hear my words.

If you’ve had an unplanned c-section or another kind of disappointing birth experience and you feel down – even ashamed – because of it, I am here to lift you up.

I want to give you and your feelings the space society doesn’t. I acknowledge your feelings and I want to tell you: birth trauma is real and it is not a shame.

Yes, say it out loud: Birth is beautiful – but it is also traumatic sometimes!

You know what? Take a glimpse at my book blurb! Here you go:


You’re pregnant again – or planning to get there. That’s amazing
But you look so worried. Is it because you’ve had a c-section?
Maybe you feel guilty for that c-section you had, maybe you feel less like a woman, or even like a „loser“. 

Let me tell you: I’ve been there.  
Everyone keeps telling you it’s safer to just have another c-section, but you still wish for that VBAC  (vaginal birth after caesarean) so bad? 
Listen to your heart. 
Vaginal births after caesareans are possible
Many women have done it and you have a chance, too.

In this book I will spill the tea and share my personal VBAC story from A-Z. 
From a perfectly healthy pregnancy, to society being a pain in the neck, birth complications and unwanted interventions, c-sections, dealing with trauma and finally a successful VBAC experience. 
It’s all in here. 

In my book I don’t just talk about VBACs. If you have suffered from antenatal or postnatal depression and seek for someone who understands your pain – I am right here and I give you my words. I also write about problems in our health care system and why we need to be informed before we put our lives into the hands of medical professionals.

I wish you a lot of fun on my blog, my Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter and if you like with my upcoming book baby that’s due in May. 😉

Sherry N.